The Dream Awaits...

Do you ever feel like you're on the brink of a monumental shift? A change that could set everything right, but something's just... missing? What if the missing piece was 2 days in Malibu, wrapped in the wisdom of Laura St John, amidst the backdrop of ocean waves and canyon breezes?

This event is by invite only.

The next Malibu events are:

June 18th & 19th

Sept 4th & 5th

12pm - 630 each day

(Day 3 optional brunch add-on at checkout.)

Manifest in Malibu

🌟 An Exclusive Circle: Small group. No distractions. Only like-minded individuals, ready to dream bigger and aim higher.

Locally Curated Foods

🍽️ Gourmet Delights: Savor farm-to-table meals and snacks hand-crafted by our private chef. Indulge your senses, while feeding your soul.

Hands-On Experience

🌺 A Deep Dive with Laura: Two full days guided by Laura herself. Discover, manifest, and clear your path with the best in the business.

Join Laura in Malibu: Where dreams aren't just made, but lived.

Why Malibu? Why Now?

Because you are ready for more. More clarity. More joy. More manifesting magic. And what better place than Malibu?

And let's be real: When was the last time you gave yourself the gift of complete immersion? Two uninterrupted days to focus on YOU, your dreams, and your next big move? With the new year approaching, now's the time to seize the moment, to set your intentions, and to leap into your future.

🍹 Sands & Manifesting Hot Spots: Stroll alongside Laura on Malibu's pristine beaches. Share stories, dreams, and moments of clarity. Release. Create.

"The physical aspect of the whole event was wonderful - and the setting couldn't be any more powerful - metaphorically and in real life." - Laura D.

Secure Your Spot with a Deposit.

Transform your journey of self-discovery into an opulent adventure with Laura St John, where each moment is a step towards manifesting your deepest desires and dreams. Place your 1000 deposit toward your 5500 experience today.

I Left Malibu as a Different Person

Absolutely eye opening and profound, impactful, life changing, metamorphic! The caterpillar into a butterfly! I left Malibu a different person than when I arrived. If I was sitting next to the same person on the plane leaving Malibu as when I arrived, I guarantee they would say "you are not the same person I met three days ago" I see everything differently. --Colleen F

Anxiety I had for years has evaporated...

There are two events that I can look back at in my life and definitively say I transformed for the better after these experiences. The first was the summer I spent in Kenya as a medical intern at age 20, and the second was the Malibu experience with Laura. Several months out and there is not a day that goes by where the lessons I learned with Laura in Malibu do not positively affect my outlook and my day/life in general. I have noticed that the anxiety I have struggled with for years has practically evaporated, and in the moments when it does rear its ugly head, it's beyond easy to put to bed when I recall Laura's lessons.

Every month out I am growing happier and more fulfilled, and calling in more dreams and goals than I ever thought possible. I am eternally grateful for the experience, and the new path it has set me on. If you have the opportunity to go to Malibu and have this experience for yourself, I highly recommend saying "yes" and jumping in with an open head and heart. I don't even want to think about how different my life would be right now if I hadn't done the Malibu experience--it was 100% necessary and absolutely invaluable for creating and calling in the life of my dreams, and everyone else I went with feels the same way. Go to Malibu and change for the better, you won't regret it! --Torri P


You will feel like you left 20 lbs of emotional baggage in the ocean! After this retreat, I feel like I have a tool bucket when things get tough and a tribe of females who get me and are all aiming for the same goals, freedom and joy in this lifetime. The futures dinner party on the last night was also something that I will never forget! Prepare to be amazed! --Ashley S

I haven't felt this content in over 12 years...

I've noticed in general an overwhelming sense of peace, happiness, excitement, contentment wash over me. Have never really felt this peaceful & content for probably 12 years. The in person lessons were AMAZING because the physicality of the actions made me really cement physical core memories for me to use as a reference point & come back to each time I face challenges. Those moments truly can only happen in-person & in a beautiful place like Malibu, & can't nearly be taught with as much impact through Zoom! --Ruiqi H

Absolutely Life Changing!

Words can’t explain the depth of this content. Something I hope and dream everyone can experience someday. You peel back the layers of emotions and dig so deep in to your heart space. The breathtaking views of the sky, the mountains, the ocean allow you to create your future self. Absolutely life changing. I HAVE MADE IT to… Peace, Joy and Happiness and looking forward to so much more. The support and love for one another is amazing." --Jennifer

I just got back home from Malibu ....

And wow, wow, WOW! Being able to nail down a specific emotion that I was holding on to, that I hadn't realized for myself, and I believe it will help explode me to the next level! I would absolutely jump to do this again. There were a lot of "AHA" moments... mastering the skill of intention of thoughts, feelings and actions congruently to speed up the paths of abundance was something that was accelerated for me inside this in-person experience. They thought of every little detail, with heart behind it! Jump and take this opportunity if you can! -Kaci K, West Ohio Tool Co.

When You're in a Group Environment In-Person...

You realize you are all working toward the same goal of leaving whatever burden is holding you back, behind. And when do that in a group setting, in person, there is NOTHING like it. --Nakia P

Nothing Compares to this Experience

(And I've had the luck and pleasure to coach with the best!)

Out of ALL the retreats I've been to all over the world, THIS WAS THE BEST RETREAT. It felt totally different! I could go on and on but the most important thing for me was that I didn't go home feeling overwhelmed with homework or with a big to do list! I came home with PEACE, EASE, and GRACE -- and I've been in the flow ever since! -- Stephanie W

"A Hands-On Learning Experience That Will Change Your Life"

This is more than an invite. It's a beckoning to something transformative. I'm opening my heart and sharing the deepest levels of my secret manifesting techniques, just for you. Picture it: You. Me. Two days. The beach. Deep dives into your biggest dreams. Hugs, heartfelt talks, and moments that'll stay etched in your soul forever. Ready to take the leap?

With love, Laura St.John


What's included?

The deepest dive custom coaching event that I have (until now) delivered only to private clients. An experience of a lifetime in the most beautiful place I can't wait to share with you!

All meals, drinks, snacks and fun extras during the hours we are together are included. Private chef at the event that meets the food preferences of everyone!

Also included is an exclusive post-Malibu experience coaching package, so you can apply what you learned back into your life.

(Travel + lodging not included.)

How many people can join?

Usually about 6-8 people, depending on which dates you sign up for.

Where is it taking place?

There are 3 main areas:

Latigo Canyon, Malibu CA. Some groups meet nearby at Pepperdine University campus, and also we weave in beach time at Pt Dume Nature Preserve.

Where should I fly in?

You could fly into LAX or BUR airports. (BUR is small and easy!)

Where should I stay?

Hotel Cambria, Four Seasons Westlake, or Pepperdine University (exciting new option!) and once you join you can see a variety of hotel suggestions.

Who can join?

The current enrollment is limited to people who are already familiar with my content and feel like they are ready for an immersive advanced offering. Email [email protected] with any questions.